Monday, July 26, 2010

Wow it's been over one year....

Sorry for the lack of posting.

For the very few people that have checked out the page a lot has changed. First off we had our second child Rory and things are going as they should. Lack of sleep is abundant and all is well! So I am now employed at Oregon Mountain Community as the Customer Service Supervisor for the web department and finally all of my gear needs have been met! And next week I get to break in some of that gear on the S.E. route of Cathedral Peak in Tuolume Meadows. Here is a little beta for ya

I will be meeting one of my dearest friends and his family in Yosemite and begin the process of relaxing for one whole week. Another note not only will be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary but also my youngest son Rory's birthday as well!

So I promise to keep posting for my own well being and add some pictures as well. In the mean time follow me at www.twitter/nickyjusa